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(Central News Agency reporter Yang Mingzhu, Tokyo on the 10th) Taiwan pineapple has become a hot topic in Japan. The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) is reporting in the news today and evening. The Tokyo International Food Show has attracted more Japanese TV stations to interview the Taiwan Pavilion, even Japan. The edition of Playboy magazine is also coming.

Asia’s largest food exhibition, Tokyo International Food Exhibition, was held on the 9th in Chiba, a neighboring county in Tokyo. The Taiwan Pavilion exhibited 22 manufacturers. The scale was small, but it attracted TV and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun such as NHK, TV TOKYO, TV Asahi, etc. Come to interview Taiwan pineapple related matters, even the Japanese version of Playboy magazine (PLAY BOY) also came to interview.

NHK reporters interviewed Chen Yingxian, Director of Taiwan Trade Center Tokyo Office, and Xie Changting, representative in Japan.

This morning news from NHK reported that Taiwan pineapple was unveiled at the Tokyo Food Fair in about 2 minutes. The content included Japanese buyers' favor of Taiwan pineapple, and an interview with Xie Changting in the exhibition hall to thank Japanese friends for ordering Taiwan pineapple clips.



報告書によると、台湾のアメリカ協会、台北のカナダ貿易局、日本台湾交流協会はすべて、台湾パイナップルへの支持を表明した。 ソーシャルネットワークの話題になり、「今日はパイナップルを食べましたか?」がスローガンになりました。

NHKによると、神田外語大学の両海峡の状況に精通している教授は、今回の台湾パイナップルの輸入禁止は、中国の台湾への圧力であると考えている。また、これらの国々からの食品や農産物の輸入も禁止されています。 中国は、ビジネスを利用して政治を取り囲み、経済に影響を与え、世論を利用して相手方に中国との対話を強要しようとしています。

NHK 7 pm tonight (6 pm Taiwan time) prime time news program with Taiwan pineapple as the theme of about 4 and a half minutes, including China's ban on the import of Taiwan pineapple on March 1, and President Tsai Ing-wen appealed to businesses and consumers Those who supported the farmers, in less than a week, ordered about 40,000 tons of Taiwanese pineapples, which is equivalent to the quantity sold to China in the whole year of last year.

The report said that the American Association in Taiwan, the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, and the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association all expressed their support for Taiwan pineapple. Become a topic on the social network, "have you pineapple today?" became the slogan.

According to NHK, a professor at Kanda University of Foreign Studies in Japan who is familiar with the cross-strait situation believes that China's ban on the import of Taiwanese pineapples this time is China's pressure on Taiwan. When China's relations with Canada and Australia deteriorate, it is also banning the import of food or agricultural products from these countries. China is trying to use business to encircle politics and affect the economy, and use public opinion to force the other party to have dialogue with China.

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