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Sugarcane / サトウキビ

Sugarcane is a perennial herbaceous plant. In phytotaxonomy, it belongs to the grass family and the licorice genus. Growing better in the tropical and sub-tropical areas, sugarcane is generally classified into red sugarcane and white sugarcane. Red sugarcane is mostly made into juice beverage, whereas white sugarcane is the main source of crude sugar.
Red sugarcane has been grown in Taiwan for a long time. The history can be traced back to the time when the ancestors moved to Taiwan, but the exact date is unknown. The red sugarcane has a lower content of fiber than white sugarcane. It is crispy and juicy, containing proper amount of water and sugar. With an excellent flavor, red sugarcane can be served directly or pressed into juice. Besides, sugarcane can help relieve heat and dryness, quench thirst, and remove phlegm; therefore, it is a popular summer product.

赤いサトウキビ栽培の同州は、我々の祖先は新月から台湾では、植えているように、移動ではなく、細部の正確な時間は、長い歴史があります。 、カリカリとジューシー未満の組織蔗茎赤白甘蔗糖サトウキビ繊維コンテンツは、素晴らしい味を、水と砂糖の量を含む適切な直接閲覧やジュースを飲んで、サトウキビ熱することができます 、のどの渇きに加えている熱の役割人気の聖人品。

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