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Melon (Cucumis melo var. Saccharinus), is a kind of excellent varieties of melon, fruit round or oval type, produced in Xinjiang. Sweet, fruit, and to Hami produced the most famous, so called the melon.
Hi Hamimelon of sufficient sunlight and a larger temperature difference between day and night, during the day and can give full play to the photosynthesis, respiration and consumption of smaller night, so high sugar content, taste very sweet.
Pericarp reticulate surface, the flesh green, white, orange and other varieties, mainly in the precipitation of small, large temperature difference between day and night, Hami, Xinjiang, Turpan, Shanshan and so on.
Nutrient-rich fruit with protein, fat. Full of sugar, calcium, iron, the vitamin C and high vitamin A content per 100 grams of vitamin C content of 30 ~ 50mg, vitamin content of more international units of 4,280 IU.

メロン( Cucumisメロ予めVar 。 Saccharinus ) 、メロンの優れた品種、フルーツ丸や楕円形のタイプ、新疆で生産の一種である。ハミに、甘い果実、そして最も有名なので、メロンと呼ばれる。
栄養素のタンパク質、脂肪が豊富な果物。砂糖、カルシウム、鉄のフルは、ビタミンC 、高ビタミンのビタミンC含有量30 〜 50mgの100グラム、 4280 IUの国際単位のビタミン含有量あたりのコンテンツ。

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