Plum / プラム3

Plum / プラム

Each year in Taiwan in late March to mid-May are plum harvest time, Taiwan's main varieties of plums are rouge-mei, spary garland, blue, peach plum, mountains, mountain company, such as wild plum.
Plum-rich citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, can promote human metabolism, the elimination of accumulated toxins produced by fatigue, in which citric acid can promote calcium absorption, too much lactic acid to remove the body so that skin metabolism strong, so eating Plum also prevent skin aging, and the effects of cosmetic beauty.
In addition to the promotion of plum appetite, gastrointestinal motility promoting helpful, but also to improve constipation and diarrhea symptoms of two completely opposite.
When diarrhea plum juice with a small amount of foam concentrate to drink hot water. Plums are the functions of hangover, hangover drink Plum juice possible solutions. Excessive for the liver-fire can also nourish the liver Plum eat.
Plum is rich in organic acids and minerals, vitamin C, Plum pregnant women love to eat because of the sour plum can be happy.
If, when a cold drink hot tea to the lifting of Mei sore throats, headache symptoms, multi-drink tea-mei is also suffering from a cold can reduce the chances.

後半半ばには3月に台湾では毎年5月している梅の収穫は、台湾の主な種類の野生の梅の梅のような口紅、梅、 sparyガーランド、青、桃梅、山、山、されています。






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