Lemon / レモン3

Lemon / レモン

Rutaceae Citrus Lemon is a small evergreen tree of origin in Southeast Asia, is the main origin for the United States, Italy, Spain and Greece. For the purple leaves of the lemon, white flowers with purple, slightly scented, single, or 3 to 6 into a raceme. Lemon Citrus fruit for fruit, yellow and glossy, oval-shaped, mainly used for juice, and sometimes also used as cooking spices, but the basic need for fresh, because too much acid. Fruits containing citric acid 5%. Lemon juice per liter containing 501.6 mg of vitamin C and 49.88 grams of citric acid.
Lemon is rich in alkaline substances, vitamins B1, C, G and potassium.
A lemon to remove the body toxins, for the treatment of throat and management clean-up has a unique effect runny nose, lemon can help digestion and prevent colds and to increase the resistance.
Lemons for the treatment of fever patients than other fruits, and lemon can increase the excretion function of the skin, and therefore help reduce the fever when the body temperature. Lemon killed influenza virus for a certain effect. In fact, the lemon can kill more than 20 different kinds of bacteria. Lemons are highly alkaline, is considered a good medicine to treat all diseases, cough, phlegm, Jianpi Shengjin.
For the body's blood circulation, as well as the attraction of calcium a great help, its rich vitamin C, not only can prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, prevent food poisoning, elimination of fatigue, increase immunity, slow aging and maintain skin elasticity, and to overcome the diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, influenza, osteoporosis and enhance memory.

シトラスレモン東南アジア原産のミカン科の小常緑樹の場合、アメリカ合衆国、イタリア、スペイン、ギリシャのための主要な産地である。レモンのは、紫色の葉は、白と紫の花が、わずかに、シングル、 3から6を総状花序に香り。形、楕円形の主に使用されるフルーツジュース、黄色と光沢、レモンシトラスフルーツ、そして時にはまた、料理のスパイスとして使用され、新鮮なため、過剰な酸のための基本的な必要があります。果物5 %クエン酸を含む。レモンジュース1リットルあたりのビタミンCとクエン酸の49.88グラムの501.6ミリグラムを含む。

レモンのアルカリ性物質が豊富で、ビタミンはB1 、 ç 、 Gとカリウム。




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