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The real name of papaya is “Carica papaya”. Papaya belongs to the rosaceae family and is a ligneousplant. Papaya originally came from the tropical area of America. It was brought from the West Indies to Asia in the 17th century and then from mainland China to Taiwan in the late Ching Dynasty. Since 1907, papaya has gradually become popular.
Papaya is easy to be planted. It grows fast. It can bear fruits most of the year. The Papaya fruit is sweet and highly nutritious. In addition to protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins, it also contains papain which can help digestion and cure stomach disorder. In Taiwan, papaya fruits can be harvested all the year round. The fruits of papaya harvested between August and October are better, with a high content of sugar and a strong flavor. Today in Taiwan's beverage market, papaya mixed with milk is well loved by consumers; the drink is nutritious and healthful.

パパイヤは、パパイヤの名前、パパイヤバラ科には、植物をベースに、パパイヤ、熱帯アメリカでは、初めは西インド諸島、アジア、故清の導入によって、 17世紀にして、本土から台湾への導入は、元所属1907年以来、徐々に一般的な栽培と消費の。





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